Disco Dave

Swedish DJ and sound engineer with spanish roots with a lot of New York City's influences

David Ballester aka Disco Dave is a Swedish DJ and sound engineer with spanish roots. He has been active in the field of sound and music for the last 15 years. He has been going his own way, not following trends or markets. He started off in the beginning of the millenium with his local radio show Soulsville GBG in Göteborg, Sweden. After finishing studies as a sound engineer he recorded big band Jazz, reggae and pop for a couple of years. DJing at his own club Yo La!, parties and gayclubs he became known in Göteborg for his disco-take on the decks.
After Göteborg he moved to the southern swedish town Malmö where he teamed up with swedish rapper Behrang Miri and became his DJ, manager and co-worker. Together they arranged concerts and clubs with international and local artists in the urban musical field. They also started up social projects where they taught youths in the suburbs how to record music, DJ and do radio.
Today Disco Dave resides in Stockholm and continues DJing and works as a sound-and light engineer. Nowadays he is also exploring his producing skills and is soon to release his first single.