She considers herself to be a citizen of the world.

Once a shy girl from Vancouver, Canada, Shiraine discovered one of her true passions, that of travel. Considering herself to be a citizen of the world, Shiraine has traveled extensively throughout Europe and The Americas and has lived in Berlin, Germany and Perugia, Italy. Exposure to different cultures, music and ways of living awoken and inspired her to set out on a journey of self- discovery and finding her own voice.

Shiraine fondly remembers her first opportunity doing voice work for a radio station, which came happenstance while living in Perugia, Italy in the late ‘90’s. In 2009, while on an homage trip back to Italy, she serendipitously met Danilo, founder of TSoNYC, and has come full circle doing voice work, perhaps as a reminder of the voice she has found.

Shiraine is grateful for all of the experiences and opportunities that have come her way. She holds a degree in Psychology, has modeled and co-coordinated fashion shows and currently works in the film and television industry in Vancouver. She has appeared in a variety of movies, TV series, and commercials in the U.S and Canada. Shiraine is honored to be a part of TSoNYC.