Heather Walker

"She has a very sensual and unique voice. We immediately thought of her to be on our radio"

Heather Walker is a singer/songwriter, actress, model and the "voice" of TSoNYC. Originally from Los Angeles, Ca, raised in the dirty south, and then moved to New York City at the ripe age of seventeen. Modeling allowed her to travel the world, exposing her to many cultures, languages and music. Her story is told through her music. Heather has graced billboards, movie screens, television and magazines worldwide. Over the years, you have heard her voice on the radio, in lounges and club alike.
Electronic music changed her. "I like that I can sing my depressing lyrics, while dancing the pain away. I can do that with electronic music." It wasn't until 2008, with "The Noise" that Heather was noticed on the electro-music scene. It was the collaboration with producer/ composer Felly de Feljai that brought "The Noise" to life. Soon after, DJs came calling asking for her voice on their tracks.
"Their is a vulnerability and strength that tears through her petite package." Felly (FELJAI MUSIC)
Heather is taking a break from the big apple to work on her debut album. (release date TBA) You can see her on the silver screen in the upcoming film "Dead Man Down" (release date 3.8.13) And you can always hear her raspy, sexy, hot voice on TSONYC.com...THE SOUND OF NEW YORK CITY.